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Children by BMI

The visualisations below use D3, dc.js and crossfilter to represent height and weight measurements of children in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands. The body mass index (BMI) is a measure of relative size based on the mass and height of an individual. All charts display the average BMI value, except for the histogram which displays the counts of children per BMI value. Click and drag and watch the graphs move.

Recent studies in Britain have indicated that females between the ages 12 and 16 have a higher BMI than males of the same age by 1.0 kg/m2 on average. This difference shows particulary well for Maroccan children older than 13 years were the average BMI is 20.77 for boys vs 22.05 for girls.

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Gender Ethnicity Age Height Weight BMI CBS district Assessment Year
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